It was asked that this discussion was moved to this list since it is meta to the LAD list itself. I will attempt to comply though this list has been inactive for nearly 3 years.

The recent unfortunate situation highlighted by Jonathon Liles' lengthy rant in [LAD] regarding his Non-Session-Manager software and the fork called New-Session-Manager does raise some questions.

Johnathon has a history of being difficult to work with, caustic in his writing, and I can understand the motives to fork, especially considering the lengthy time since any previous NSM release. I don't think the fork is the issue nor particularly germane to the discussion. I imagine the situation would have been avoided with some more cooperative effort from Johnathon, but I also won't criticize him too harshly for having a vision for his project and rejecting requests that didn't fit in that vision.

While I do not subscribe to Johnathon's assignment of malice and subterfuge it does seem that the list moderators releasing a fork under the brand is probably overreaching the consortium's mission: "to promote and enable the use of Linux kernel based systems for professional audio use."

I believe that releasing the software under the names of the authors' rather than under the would have helped make this situation look less like an attempt of the organization to replace a developers project without acknowledgement of his contributions. I'd like to politely request the authors of the New Session Manager refrain in the future from releasing software as official versions. It seems appropriate to me that this be written into the policies of the consortium to avoid future instances where developers may feel their software is being replaced by the organization itself.

I am assuming the consortium would like to remain project agnostic rather than picking the winners and losers of which projects get the blessing.