There's a new release JACK1 now available.

(tagged in git as 0.125.0)

Changes since 0.124.1, in rough order of significance:

   * in the alsa_midi slave driver, fix hotpug device enumeration. JACK1 will now respond
          to MIDI devices being connected and disconnected while running.
   * increase maximum size of a single JACK MIDI event to 64 bytes
   * in the alsa_midi slave driver, fix thread start/stop handling when freewheeling
   * add support for jack_port_rename()
   * fix incorrect ALSA backend latency values when used with other than 2 periods/buffer.
   * drop support for CPU cycle counting clock, use kernel clocksource instead
   * fix a double-fork that left zombie processes around
   * improve the validity and usability of the return value of jack_frame_time()
   * fix failing metadata look up by clearing UUID parsing buffer before use
   * support unescaped double quotes in $HOME/.jackdrc
   * fix memory leaks of metata key/value pairs
   * fix crash caused by incorrect jack_error() format string
   * remove option help from jackd and point user at documentation
   * fix problems with garbage keys in metadata
   * fix negative x-run values on Linux with ALSA backend and kernel 4.0 or later
   * build and run on openBSD with new sndio backend
   * fix out-of-tree builds
   * update to work with current-ish autotools with less errors
   * fix building on MacOS 10.12 (Sierra) where clock_nanosleep() is not available
   * enable use with Travis (continuous integration for OS X on github)
   * correctly avoid Valgrind warning in one instance.
   * use gcc atomics and CLOCK_REALTIME for generic CPU builds
   * a handful of other minor bug fixes

Contributors: Hans-Peter Portner, Fons Adriaensen, Erik de Castro Lopo, Filipe Coehlo, David Robillard, Adrian Knoth,  Dominic Sacré, Peter Nelson, Rui Nuno Capela, Robin Gareus, Peter Nelson, Paul Davis,  Miroslav Urbanek, Uladox, Josh de Kock, Jeremy Hu, Bernhard Wiedemann.

With this release of JACK1, I (Paul Davis) am stepping down from my position as Benevolent Dictator for the project, and in all likelihood from any active involvement with the continuing development of JACK1. Filipe Coehlo (falktx to many of us) will be taking over my role as JACK1 maintainer, and I believe that this leaves the project in excellent hands.

JACK has been a long, strange and wondrous journey, and even if at this point I lean towards thinking that the whole idea was a bit of a mistake (! :), I want to thank all the amazing developers and users who contributed their time, intelligence, insights and interest to the project, and hope that it will continue forwards in the best possible way.