Is that CVS not outdated?

It sounds like there were updates to JackPilot well after SourceForge CVS system became read-only. Maybe I'm reading these details wrong?

I'm happy to set up a TravisCI macOS build from a GitHub repo if the most updated code gets there somehow... Perhaps a GitHub repo is a good place to discuss the issues with this particular codebase too?

Please allow me to clarify, macOS "default audio device" support does not work. You can only use JackPilot with supported applications (in my case SuperCollider, Ableton Live, ROLI Equator). 


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On 2018-12-15, at 10:07 AM, colinsullivan <> wrote:

> Greetings all,
> I too am wondering about the future of macOS support for Jack and how I
> might be able to help.
> I've come to rely on the JackPilot app and while it appears to be working on
> a new MacBook Pro with macOS 10.14 I am concerned about its future with no
> obvious maintainers!

Hold on -- did you say Jack now works on modern Mac OS?

As in -- normal applications that output to "default" can be routed by QJackCtl?


> I would love to see the most recent JackPilot code and be a part of future
> discussions about contributing to this initiative.
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> Colin
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