I am considering to get a pair of these. Intel Ethernet Server Adapter I210T1, single port PCI-e (with 802.1qav support).

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On Mon, Oct 2, 2017 at 6:12 PM, Philippe Bekaert <philippe.bekaert@uhasselt.be> wrote:
Thanks all for these helpful comments!
I’ve been studying the last days, and I am studying more.

I downloaded merging technologies free AES67 virtual sound card for mac already, as well as the Dante Via from audinate (59USD). The latter is also capable of functioning as a master clock on the network I understand. That will do for the testing and development at this time. Thanks for the many other suggestions you made. The gear I found before was more expensive (e.g. digigram has a -very well reputed- ravenna sound card with linux support for about 2K).

There is indeed a Ravenna reference implementation with linux support by ALC NetworX. I’m waiting for information regarding conditions for obtaining, using, distributing it. I’m also in contact with people at Merging regarding their VSC driver in progress for Linux.

I contacted audinate regarding AES67 patent claims.

As said, I’m not really considering implementing AES67 as a virtual sound card driver - I prefer to stay clear of kernel space development. Instead, Im aiming for a jack client application, and perhaps a jack audio driver (like the net drivers). The latter allow to have jack running at AES67 clock, and being fully transparent (no sample rate conversion). But the former, a client application, is probably better if you just want to receive and monitor / send AES67 on / from a computer having a sound card already.

Thanks also for the hint about the zita resampler library.

I’m keeping you informed about progress and findings.



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> A few years back there had been a AES67/Ravenna implementation. But the developer and ALX Networks could not agree on the license. The developer wanted to publish it under GPL, which ALX Networks did not want. So the implementation was dumped. Well, that is the story how I know it.
> The developer was Florian Faber, but he is no member of the jack-devel or linux-devel list anymore. Perhapes, he might have some useful insights, if you manage to find a contact. ;-)
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