Hello everyone,

I'm new to this list and also new to Linux.
I am a PhD student working on a research project with hearing impaired people.
For our research studies we want to realize different audiological tests with a virtual acoustic sound system. The program we use for rendering the virtual acoustics runs in Linux.
In our lab, we have a Fireface 802 sound card from RME. But RME doesn't offer support in Linux and unfortunately doesn't provide drivers.

I run the Fireface in ClassCompliant mode and it is connected via USB to the computer with Ubuntu Studio 20.04 LTS as operating system. Basically the Fireface works, I can use 8 output channels for my sound playback via Jack.
But the problem is that I actually want to get playback from 12 loudspeakers in our loudspeaker circuit. When I start Jack, it displays 22 output channels, but as I said, only 8 playback channels are playing sound.

Could this be caused by the snd_usb_audio driver? Or how can I assign the output channels directly?

About any suggestion for a solution I would be very happy!!!

Best regards,

Sebastian Roth