Yes I often use Ardour and Mixbus32c  but I do not actually use it for this problem: I just use seq24, seq64 and Giada:

I am on ubuntu studio64 with 2 multiface II sound cards + ESI M4U Xt midi usb interface

Try to create a minimal setup, which still exhibits the problem:

With seq24 I control 4 synthesizers : SE-02, Andromeda, Solaris and a Q Rack with midi pattern + the DSI Tempest set as slave and all are connected in seq24 interface. The seq24 different patterns are connected to the different synthesizers by this way: just right click in the pattern and choose the midi bus. In the option menu of seq24 I put on the midi clock on the midi channel of the tempest :  [4] 28:3 (ESI M4U XT midi 4) ---> on 

At this time everybody work fine but when I wanted to record the pattern loops in Giada (audio software) I had to connect Giada and seq24 to jack to make them synchronize and at this time I had the problem with the Tempest: 77 bpm  instead of 120 bpm. At the beginning I thought that it was the fault of Giada but when I eliminated Giada of the setup, the problem persisted. It appears when I connect seq24 to jack.

to summarize the moment when the problem appears, I do not use audio software, only midi with seq24 which drives the synthesizers and the Tempest as Slave.

To have a minimal setup now which still exhibits the problem, now I have only seq24 connected to the Tempest.

(I also tried  to connect the Tempest to my master midi i/o multiface but the problem persist.)


Le 03/10/2019 à 17:10, Christopher Arndt a écrit :
(Re-directing the discussion to the mailing list again.)

Am 03.10.19 um 15:03 schrieb Philippe GARCIA-ORTUNO:
Yesterday I made a test to connect seq24 (in seq24 send the clock to midi Throught and then connect midi Trought to Ardour MMC, Ardour+seq24+Tempest played well at 120).

So is Ardour normally involved in your setup? Can you describe exactly, which (audio) software you are running and what is connected where and to what (audio and midi, ALSA, JACK and hardware MIDI connections)? Try to create a minimal setup, which still exhibits the problem.

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