Hello, all

I'd like to introduce you to a new midi tracker that I wrote. It's very minimalistic, a glorified repeater really. The main idea of the program was to have something to put between Carla and an external MIDI controller.

selling points:
- it only knows Jack
- fast workflow
- designed for live performance
- irregular looping of tracks (have to see to believe)
- funk mode (nice for triplets)
- midi triggers
- freewheel rendering

Of course it is released under GPL3, otherwise I wouldn't be bothering you kind people. It compiles and runs on latest Ubuntu and Fedora (developed under Mint). Gnome app written in Python. The sequencing engine is in good ol' C (with jack being the only dependency).

You can find the project at:

You can also check out:
for a current tarball and a deb for Ubuntu

Hope someone besides me will find it useful

Regards, Rem