I'm happy to announce the release of JChordBox 0.5b !

JChordBox is a MIDI musical accompaniement generator software. It is a java 1.7 software.

Giving a chord progression and a music style (containing music templates also called grooves), JChordBox generates a MIDI backing track.

main features
- build music templates from a MIDI file by adding markers to delimit each groove
- songs written in XML format (chord progression)
- mainly command line oriented : (GenerateSong, CreateStyleFromMidiFile, SongPlayer ...)
- provides java API for future WYSIWYG software integration. 
- interactive text user interface called SongPlayer that can play MIDI files and JChordBox song (runs in terminal)
- french and english translations

Screenshot, download section and help (forum, mailing list) on sourceforge project page:

Home page and user guide:

Laurent Schwartz