The "I went on a diet and look at me now!" version. There's been a lot of fat cut out in this version, namely floor modulation. I tried to remove the things that really weren't making much of a difference in regards to the breadth of sounds that are capable of being generated.

Changes in v0.6:

- removed floor modulation altogether; wasn't getting enough bang for the buck, sound-wise
- removed Gravity Readjust
- removed Switch Velocity
- removed Channel Separation
- removed patched Stk source code from code-base, now it compiles against dynamic lib
- added limit to velocity
- made stereo synthesis optional in UI

Next version will probably focus on some new ideas, but if any given control doesn't make a big difference in the sound being made, it won't make the cut.

The Newtonator is an LV2 soft synth that uses a unique algorithm based on simple ideas of velocity and acceleration to produce some unpredictable sounds. More documentation can be found on the project website at

Michael Bechard