Hello all,

The second development release of arpage is available on sourceforge in source tarball and SVN formats:

   Tarball:  http://sourceforge.net/projects/arpage/

   SVN:  https://arpage.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/arpage/branches

I'd like to thank everyone for the feedback I received on 0.1 -  Please check this out and let me know what you think, or if you have problems building/running.

The UI is still dead-boring GTK, but I've read back over the LAD threads regarding audio-oriented UI libraries and I'm thinking of investigating libproaudio with the next release.

The 0.2 Development release adds:

- Smaller UI - probably not Netbook friendly yet, but getting closer :)

- UI should be dependent upon GTK+ 2.12 (rather than 2.16 as with the first release).

- An additional executable named "zonage" which allows the MIDI note input to be split into 4 ranges. 
  This is useful for routing sections of your MIDI keyboard to different JACK inputs - e.g. route the lower half to arpage, and the upper half to a "lead" sound, so you can "solo" over the arpeggiator.

- The ability to have a pulse duration (time between note-on and note-off) be longer than the interval between pulses (time between note-on and subsequent note-on).
  This is useful when routing the output of one arpeggiator to the input of the next arpeggiator.  Experiment and hear it :)

- Noticeable decrease in the number of stuck notes (I haven't experienced ANY with this version yet).

Basic features/requirements (same as 0.1 Alpha):

- svn / tarball only for now
- gtkmm-based, so dev packages for gtkmm and friends are needed to build (and obviously jack)
- I've only built it on Ubuntu Studio (karmic) 64bit.  I'm looking for others to let me know if it builds/runs elsewhere.

- requires JACK time master to be rolling for the arpeggiators to do anything.  Qtractor and Seq24 have worked well for me.
- will pass midi events thru when JACK time master is not rolling.

- 4 arpeggiators with transpose, interval, range, note duration selectable thru UI.
- Each arp has it's own JACK midi in and out port, so you can cascade arpeggiators.

- Preliminary support for scales and modes - all of them are not correct, but try major, dorian, diminished and augmented for starters :)

It sounds great with each arpeggiator driving an instance of calf mono.  Check out the ogg/mp3 clip on sourcefourge.

Thanks all,

Looking forward to any and all feedback.