After an unintentional hiatus, the show is back! We've moved hosts away from libsyn to which allows us to provide alternative download formats like flac and ogg. All 71 episodes can now be found at

71 you ask?
That's right, a new episode is now out! I chat with falkTX about MOD and sundry other things. We also announce the opening of a new tunestorm due 1 January!

OSMP Episode 71 - Talking with Filipe about MOD
We've moved to! You can find all the episodes now at
and each episode is at etc.

Interview with falkTX and we talk a lot about the MOD pedal (

We decide to do another tunestorm. Tunestorm 13 is themed "holiday." Record an original composition about any holiday and send it in by 1 Jan 2016! (See for more info).

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