With some help I found many missing but needed features in osc2midi. These have been added and are ready for release.

OSC2MIDI is a highly configurable osc to jack midi (and back) bridge for linux. It is useful for controlling jack midi apps with a mobile device, or controlling OSC apps like Ardour or the Non-Daw applications with a midi device, or any application of communicating between osc and midi devices. Configuration is done through a simple text file, with several examples included.

notable changes since version 0:
-can now use constant arguments or even ranges of constants in the OSC or the Midi message to map lots of messages quickly
-You can linearly scale values on the osc or midi message side making it much easier when writing maps for converting midi to osc
-You can map single values from osc or midi messages to multiple values on the other side
-Mappings are now installed to a more conventional location (/usr/share) and mappings in the home directory take priority over default maps if name matches.
-Various bugfixes

You can download it for free and freedom at https://sourceforge.net/projects/osc2midi/files/
Thanks to all who have reported bugs and helped out!