Ladies and Gentlemen, dear distribution packagers,

hereby the Laborejo Software Suite releases maintenance updates for its programs.
Laborejo 2.2.1 - Music Notation Sequencer
Agordejo 0.4.2 - Music Session Manager
Tembro v0.6.0 - All-In-One Instrument

The common library libcalfbox-lss also received a required update to v.1.2.0
Downloads are also in the common directory.

Signed source-downloads can be found here:


Empty blocks with explicit minimum tick duration will not be deleted anymore by "Delete All Empty Blocks" command.
Add option to use current block duration when entering a minimum duration in block properties GUI
Wrap long text in Lilypond subtext with automatic linebreaks.

Enable lss debug environment in verbose mode
Remove leftover mention of quick mode in manpage and other typos in documentation and logs.
Better configure output
Fix one crash from a type mistake.

Support for instruments with multiple audio outputs. Requires libcalfbox-lss 1.2.0
Guard against crash/race condition where a note-off gui notification comes right after the instrument has been disabled
Disable --mute for Tembro. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

More information about the programs and full multi-language manuals can be found on the website

Laborejo Software Suite