TC Electronic has a lot of pedals that use their toneprint technology. They have recently released a new device called the Plethora X5 which slots 5 TC pedal 'models' into a single virtual 'board' and supports 128 'boards' stored in the Plethora. Visit YouTube for a plethora (sorry) of videos on the device over the last couple of months.

   I purchased one of these devices. It works well (so far). It's Linux internally running 4.9.47-rt37. 

   Sadly there are a couple of rather disappointing issues:

1) Nothing new but TC doesn't support Linux with their TonePrint editor. I see some reports of users running the app with Wine but I cannot be bothered to do that so I'm using it on a Win10 laptop where my excessive Native Instruments investments reside. This is manageable but not preferable for me.

2) The biggest issue - there is apparently no way to back up your settings which reside in the Plethora X5. The TonePrint editor communicates with the Plethora over USB or BlueTooth but apparently acting as little more than a monitor. You can create and edit settings for each of the 5 pedal models you are running in a single board but it seems the only way to store them is in the Plethora itself. My (very limited) initial investigation leads me to believe that there are no data files left on the Windows machine and all data is only in the Plethora X5. Therefore, be it fire, theft or accident, if something goes wrong with your Plethora all of your personally created sounds are lost. (I'm waiting for confirmation of this from TC Electronic but so far I cannot see why this wouldn't be true.)

  Anyway, I'm not a coder but I am technical. If there's someone out there with an interest of working on some sort of Linux TonePrint support please get in touch.

Mark Knecht