I had contact with the author in May through the mail-list for these apps. Beyond that, I couldn't say.


On Thu, Sep 17, 2009 at 7:28 PM, Grammostola Rosea <rosea.grammostola@gmail.com> wrote:

I'm impressed by my recent discovery: non-daw and especially non-sequencer:


I love the design of the sequencer, it's very intuitive, userfriendly
and fast!  Respect for that!

But I couldn't contact the author. So I was wondering, maybe he is on
this (lad) list?
I really like to know what his plans are with the apps and if he needs
support in some kind of way. Does he continue to work on it? (If not
that would be a real pity, cause this is not just another sequencer...
And then we might need some talented devs to fork it...)

Ok, I hope I will get some sign of life from the author soon...

Kind regards,