Hi everyone,
Just a word to say that Csound 5.11 is out now. Here is
John ffitch's official announcement.
many of you may have heard the rumours, but it is true, Csound 5.11 is
now released and available from Sourceforge

The release notes are below; the notes at SF are missing GEN49

So, on with 5.12; we await the requests with interest...
==John ffitch

Notes for 5.11

New Opcodes:
     tabsum to sum sections of ftables
     p5glove -- not working very well yet
     MixerSetLevel_i -- an init-time only version of MixerSetLevel
     wiimote opcodes to allow games controller to be read directly in
     mp3in -- like diskin but reads MP3 files
     doppler -- details to follow
     filebit -- reports bit size of files

New Gen:
     None (well actually there is a gen49 to read mp3 files)

Modified Opcodes and Gens:
     Added rounding bin code to pvsscale
     Added NP2 support for ftload and ftsave
     GEN23 totally rewritten to be more consistent in what constitutes
        a separator and comments. (Still no /* */ comments)

Bugs fixed:
     Use of automatic numbering of ftables reuses table numbers
     seed with positive argument was wrong
     sprints with an empty string printed wrong data
     mute now works with both numeric and named instruments
     Comments in new parser fixed
     Byteorder in loading files fixed
     Small fixes in diskin, and in tablexkt

System Changes:
     Revised Windows installer
     SConstruct now builds completely independent shared libraries
        for Python, Lua, and Java wrappers.
     New Parser almost usable
     Redrawing of graphs fixed so that only selected ones get redrawn.
     RT-alsa more forgiving on near sample rates
     It is possible to have the score generated by an external program
          rather than using standard score format using
          <CScore bin="translater"> to call the program translater on the
          score data
     lpc_export fixed
     Removed limit on macro names length
     PMAX, the number of arguments to a score event has been reduced
     by 2, and an overflow system introduced so GENs can have
     arbitrary numbers of arguments.

     Increased API version to 2.1.
     New API function pointer ldmemfile2withCB() which is
        a version of ldmemfile() allowing a callback to be set and called
        exactly once to process the MEMFIL buffer after it is loaded.
     csound->floatsize set; zero in earlier versions
     GetChannelLock added

     usual collection of gratuitous minor changes, layout and comments