I'd go for the cult classic : Master Handbooks of acoustics (lot of therory + practical examples)

Avoid - at all costs- internet "wisdom", except for very practical stuffs such as DIY "broadband" absorbers and such.  But I insist very much on this point : about this very topic, people on the internet don't know what they are talking about, and people who know rarely write on the internet. (however I wouldn't be surprise to see acoustic experts in this list, but LAD is not the "wild internet")

Even better : if you have a science universiity library nearby, they probably have thesis and many books  you can't find on amazon... depending how deep you wanna dig

Please note that building accoustic booth is a job by itself.
On 06/12/2014 13:07, Dennis Schulmeister wrote:
Hi Gerald,

On Wed, 03 Dec 2014 20:53:21 +0100
Gerald <gerald.mwangi@gmx.de> wrote:

I'm interested the
Physics of room acoustics and would like to first understand the problem 
theoretically (that means the math). I want to understand the 
distribution of the acoustic modes of a given room in order to 
optimize/minimize their amplitude, as well as the 
reverberation/reflection aspects of different materials.
I found the book "Studio Akustik - Konzepte für besseren Klang" by
Andreas Friesecke a good text on that topic. The math is well explained
and it has a lot of practical advice four building your own recording
space. Although the author assumes you want to build a semi-commercial
recording studio. The book is in German but I guess you won't mind. :-)

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