Am 30.06.2014 00:53, schrieb Paul Davis:

On Sun, Jun 29, 2014 at 1:01 PM, hermann meyer <> wrote:
Am 29.06.2014 17:35, schrieb Fons Adriaensen:
You turned it into something which it isn't,
at the same time removing one its qualities: the calibrated controls
which enable the user to set a preset 'from his/her head' which is
something experienced audio engineers do all the time.

Mind the little "p" button on the right side, therewith you can save and load single effect presets. That is the way we do it in guitarix.

I can't speak for Fons but I'll try anyway. I don't think Fons was talking about whether it was possible to use presets. I think he was talking about having a specific set of controls with very specific calibrations that would synergistically combine with the experience of an experienced audio engineer so that finding "the effect I am looking for" was easy.

Okay, I understand that.
I speak about that I use the faust version of zita-rev1, which in fact didn't have calibrated controls.
Fons was once pleased with it when it was ported by Julius. He said,

Because Julius is a person I respect, and he tried to get
his version as close as possible to the original.

But now, when I implement it in guitarix, this exactly version from julius, it is marked as a "perfectly reason to leave Oped Source".
I fail to understand that.

The difference between a Interface produced by faust, and those produced by guitarix is indeed just the style (color and form of the knobs).

For finding the preset you are looking for, the values of the control could be used also.

Note that we use the name zita-rev1 for it, because it is the name under which it is implemented in faust. As we use it as it is, we use as well this name. We could rename it om request, we could remove it also , surly.

But coming along with answers like this:
If open source is about sharing your work and knowledge I'm all for it.
If it just means a license for cherry-picking without respect for the
original author's intentions and in fact subverting those, then I have
my doubts.
Isn't really helpful in this context.

Just be aware that the main reason for the culprit may be searched deeper. I know that we are not the only project which use this faust implementation as zita-rev1.