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. "you know, if you're too stupid to dig our silly
model of operation you're just not professional". This has to do with
wrongly understood elitism.

it isn't about being a professional or not. You can be a professional woodworker or a weekend amateur and use (functionally speaking) the same tools. The pro might also have a CNC system too, but that doesn't change things in any particular way.

The difference is between expecting the user to dive toward a deeper understanding of the task and how the tool makes the task easier (or even trivial), versus expecting the tool to remove any need to really dive into domain specific knowledge.

the stuff discussed in the video is all explicitly labelled "consumer" software (he is trying to differentiate from the "enthusiasts" tools that GNU and the rest of the open source world has done such an amazing job with over the last 3 decades). my understanding of that this is that it refers directly to software that avoids requiring the user to deepen their understanding of the problem/task and simply aids them in doing what they (think they) need to do.