Hi Manuel,

It looks like those ES-8's have ADAT I/O.  Could you sync their internal clocks by daisy chaining them via ADAT I/O off of the RME's ADAT output?

- Mike

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On Mon, 11 Nov 2019, lacuna_@gmx.net wrote:

>  I'd like to run up to nine soundcards with Jack.

nope, won't happen.

> Eight times Expert Sleepers ES-8 via USB

USB in particular will not be in sync.

To use them together and see the i/o on jack will require an extrenal
client or two per usb device. You could use zita-ajbridge to do that which
inserts an SRC stage between the device and jack to make syncing possible.
However, you say you want to use 8 of them. This will also be a problem at
any low latency because you will be using USB hubs which have been known
to cause trouble with audio devices. so be prepared for xruns at any
buffer size less than 1024 (maybe even there).

> and one RME Madi HDSPe card on a PCIe slot.

Use that as your jack master.
> In Linux at 96 kilobauds.

kilobauds? you mean sample rate maybe? Use 48000 and be happy, 96000 is
only good for recording bats

Really, I don't know how many i/o you RME Madi has (should be 64-ish?) Add
what is needed to max that out. USB mics are for the most part toys,
better to use one of the many 18 i/o USB devices out there instead most of
which do have the ability to sync with your RME.

I would not waste my time with USB mics.

Len Ovens
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