Both Non projects seem to be working for me with the latest jack (1.9.3)...

On Wed, Nov 11, 2009 at 2:39 PM, Jonathan Moore Liles <> wrote:

Greetings, living people. I am not dead. I was only sleeping. I'm
pleased to learn that people are (finally?) becoming as excited about
my non-projects as I have been from their inception. I realize that I
haven't been engaged in active communication for quite some
time. Believe me, I wish I had spent far more time this past year
working on all things Non and Linux Audio. Unfortunately, however, I
have been buried under a pile of legal, financial, and femaloidal
woes. I can no longer afford to work from home and the long commute is
sufficient to drain me of the time and energy I had been in the habit
of pouring into my software. Thank you to those who have recently
discovered Non and made their appreciation clear via cash
donation. For whatever reason people claim to have been unable to
contact me; it is true that I have not been on IRC in quite some time,
but I do check my email occasionally (although I must admit I have not
been following this mailing list). To those who would talk of forking
my projects: please feel free to contribute patches and discuss new
features on the non-* mailing lists.  A leadership role of these
projects is a much lighter burden than what I had planned to do all by
myself, and I think I can afford the time to apply a patch or two. I
still have a lot planned for Non-*, but I can't say when I'll have
enough contiguous free time to accomplish any significant
development. I continue to use Non regularly, but I'm ashamed to admit
that I haven't attempted to upgrade JACK in quite some time. Any
compatibility patches are welcome. The setup I have currently is
working well. I get to spend a few hours every weekend recording songs
in Non-DAW and in the course of those activities I have found very
little in need of alteration (aside from the described by my now
ancient TODO list).

I wish I could see a light at the end of this tunnel. I have no
intentions to let my projects die--for I still need them as much today
as I did when I wrote the first line of code. I simply don't have
enough time at the end of each day to devote to such complex
engineering tasks and right now I'm looking at the possibility of
having to take on MORE work rather than less.

Your Favorite Non-Author,

Jonathan Moore Liles.

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