Another streaming option I've heard great stuff about:

Which has an Android client

On Fri, Jun 14, 2013 at 6:51 AM, Kevin Cosgrove <> wrote:
Hi folks,

I've got all of my CD collection ripped into FLAC on my computer.
I'd like to be able to play my music from a remote computer,
primarily at work, and play my music on my Android phone.  All
of these devices have a modern version of Firefox installed, and
a couple of them also have either the free or partly free Chrome
browser installed.  The server would likely need to have some way
to convert from FLAC to a lossy format, e.g. OGG, lessen speed
requirements on the network.  A quick web search found:

CherryMusic -
streeme -
Zeya - and

All of the above make use of HTML5.

In evaluating what to install and use I'll be comparing to
Amarok, which I like a lot for its features, but it still has
some bugs that cause it to crash and require removal of all it's
config files before restarting.  Luckily, that's much more rare
than it used to be.  I'll also be comparing to the GoneMAD Music
Player Android app which
I like quite a lot for supporting FLAC, playing in gap-less mode
and being really solid, except that sometimes the menu containing
"exit" won't persist long enough to actually press "exit".

My second consideration is ease of installation.

Do any of you have a preference for one of the above streaming
software packages, or even something else?  If so, why do you
make your recommendation(s)?

Thanks much people....

P.S.:   I'll write back with a summary, after I get something


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