(Nederlandstalig linux forum gedeelte op homerecording.be >>> http://www.homerecording.be/forum/f43/ !)


Thanks to the LAU mailinglist, I've discovered the possibilities of Linux for producing music in the last two years. But it seems I'm a bit of a special case in The Netherlands... most people seems to use Mac or Windows for music production, even people who prefer Linux as their main OS...

To change it a bit, I helped people on Linux forums and wrote a dutch tutorial for Qjackctl and Ardour. I also posted my enthusiasm and knowledge on 'not-linux' forums... got a lot negative reactions, but not on www.homerecording.be. The had a open mind for opensource software... and after posting some posts there, they have decided to open a special subforum for making music on Linux! :) (Windows and Mac can't say that...)

It would be cool if dutch speaking people will support this forum part by taking a look at it reguarly and to post some messages, moreover to help people with making music on GNU/Linux!

You can find the forum here:


CU there!