I'm pretty new to using sfz, and have been experimenting with modifying files.

I'm running Ubuntu Studio  23.04, and I have sfizz as a plugin to a track in qTractor.  I have also tried using Carla-rack as a plugin, with sfizz inside that.

Unfortunately in both cases, if I make an edit to the sfz file I am testing, qTractor crashes.  I don't know whether the problem is with sfizz or with qTractor itself.

Sforzando appears to reload a file if it is changed, so that you can immediately test out the results of your edits.  Unfortunately of course, Sforzando doesn't exist in a Linux version.  I know some people have got Sforzando working in Wine, but I'm not at all clear about how to do that or whether I could then use it inside qTractor.

Is there some way of being able to test sfz files, with automatic reload as in Sforzando, but using native Linux programs and/or plugins?