On Sun, 17 Sep 2023 03:23:52 +0200, Christopher Arndt wrote:
Am 16.09.23 um 20:44 schrieb David Sumbler:
Is there some way of being able to test sfz files, with automatic reload
as in Sforzando, but using native Linux programs and/or plugins?

I'm testing SFZ files in sfizz loaded as an LV2 or VST3 plugin in Carla
running as a stand-alone plugin host.

I get *occasional* crashes when editing loaded SFZ files, but they're
not very frequent.

I'm running Manjaro, so the Carla and sfizz versions I'm running are
possibly more up-to-date than on Ubuntu Studio. In fact, for sfizz I
usually use the AUR sfizz-git package, so I'm running a version compiled
from a recent git repo commit.

Thanks for that suggestion.  I confess that I didn't even know that Carla could be run stand-alone.

I tried this, but unfortunately I still get a crash every time I edit the sfz file.  I might perhaps try installing the latest git version of sfizz.

But in the mean time, I find that the simplest solution is to call my file something like filenameA.sfz, then after making an edit I save it as filenameB.sfz, after another edit filenameA.sfz. and so on.  I simply have to load the latest version as a new file in the sfizz plugin, and by alternating the 2 filenames I avoid the crashes.