Dunno if its any use at all, but I wrote a very simple script to create sfz's from a bunch of wavs a while back:


I considered my script pretty much useless as soon as Rui released samplv1, which is more like what I wanted at the time.

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What are the experiences with Translator Pro

Afaik, it does convert to a Windows way of pointing to the path of the
sample, e.g. \ versus /. Are there tools / scripts for converting
these file to a file which works on unix?

Which sfz (conversion) tools are available?

I have bought Chicken Systems Translator Pro. Never again will I deal
with the chicken.

It is the most crash-prone Windows program I've ever seen sold as a
retail product. Clicking on almost anything causes it to crash hard.
Their tech support is totally useless.

I bought it because it's supposed to able to mount and work with Akai
volumes from Windows, but it's so unstable that in reality you can
hardly get any actual work done with it. This is pre-alpha software
being sold for money -- avoid!

Does someone have these scripts on his hdd? It seems to be offline

makesfz.pl perl scripts , by Peter L. Jones: http://www.drealm.info/sfz/

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