2013/6/14 Kevin Cosgrove <kevinc@cosgroves.us>

On 14 June 2013 at 8:03, Raffaele Morelli <raffaele.morelli@gmail.com> wrote:

> If your net.admin doesn't worry about incoming connection from
> your remote pc, try using a radio streaming app such icecast.
> It's quite easy to setup and streams oggs

Until recently even SSH was frowned upon, but now works outbound
without taking special measures.  Now I can ssh from my desk at work
to my machine at home and display clients on my Linux machine at
work, or via NoMachine on Windows.

Inbound (from wild to work) requires VPN be running.  I know
HTTP[S] gets through either direction.  But, many ports are shut
at the company firewall.  I do the same thing.

Should I infer that icecast wants to set up the connection from
the wild to the client machine?  If so, then it would need to run
over VPN, and that's a show-stopper.

You don't need ssh nor vpn for that, icecast server (your home pc) will be accessed from the internet.
If you can browse the internet without restriction... there you go.
ssh is good in your case because you will be able to change playlists and do other stuff which requires admin access.

icecast is simple enough to setup and run in few steps, from then on you can use many clients to manage you streams, from cli or using a gui.
check icecast.org if it fits to your needs.