[linux-audio-announce] Sfront 0.88 released

lazzaro lazzaro at eecs.berkeley.edu
Tue Dec 28 00:42:23 EST 2004

Hi everyone,

	Sfront version 0.88 is released.
You can pick up a copy at:


	See change log below ... this release
keeps sfront networking in sync with the IETF
Internet-Drafts that define RTP MIDI (the RTP
payload format  for MIDI).  See:


for more information on RTP MIDI.


sfront Version 0.88 -- 12/26/04

[1] Networking updated to match

    Chapter M fields for A-BUTTON
    and C-BUTTON use new G bit layout
    and compute count for large values

    Sender supports the oldest-first
    log ordering for Chapters E/A/N.

    Sender supports new Chapter Q
    coding rule Start and Continue

    SDP sent in SIP INVITEs uses
    rtp_maxptime and rtp_ptime, and
    uses correct SDP syntax.

[2] The -sip_ip parameter now parses
dotted-quads correctly.

[2] Memory management bugs fixed
(thanks to Graydon Hoare).

[3] Correct value for PI used in
code examples, book (thanks to
Tiaan Geldenhuys).

John Lazzaro
lazzaro [at] cs [dot] berkeley [dot] edu

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