[LAA] First version of jackpanel (0.0.1) released

Hans Baier hansfbaier at googlemail.com
Sun Mar 8 23:38:25 EDT 2009

The first roughly usable version 0.0.1 of jackpanel
is available.

jackpanel is a graphical frontend for the JACK audio server,
emphasizing simplicity, good look and feel and GNOME integration.

Realtime switch, latency and samplerate can be changed with
one or two mouse clicks.

It comes in two flavors: A GNOME panel applet and standalone.

X-runs are displayed and can be reset with a mouse click.

Before starting up, make sure you have a valid .jackdrc (eg. generated
using qjackctl).
It will be imported on first startup.

Would be nice to hear some feedback, be sure to file issues
to the tracker mentioned on the project homepage.

Kind regards,

P.S.: Jackpanel currently is not goot at configuring, but running
jack. You might
        use qjackctl for a first time setup. After that you can use
gconf-editor to manually change settings.
        I wrote it primarily to have JACK run when GNOME starts and to
monitor its status as well as
        change the most important settings with one or two mouse clicks.

        JACK server configuration will be added later.

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