[linux-audio-dev] Plugin APIs (again)

David Gerard Matthews dgm4+ at pitt.edu
Sun Dec 8 19:01:01 UTC 2002

Steve Harris wrote:

>Agreed, our German brethren seem to want to spell out
>El-Ah-Dee-Es-Pee-Ah, which is pretty inconvenient.
>OTOH I think Joern was amused when I insisted on pronouncing luss, as in
>"can you just ls that directory".
>- Steve
Yeah, when I went to buy a SCSI Zip disk a few years ago when I was 
living in Austria, I was surprised
to learn that they pronounce SCSI Es-Tseh-Es-I (in other words, exactly 
as the individual letters are pronounced
in German.)  In the US we say "scuzzy".  I kept saying "Haben Sie ein 
scuzzy Zip-Laufwerk?" and getting strange
I've not heard anyone pronounce ls "luss" before, though.

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