[linux-audio-dev] XAP: a polemic

Steve Harris S.W.Harris at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Thu Dec 19 15:23:00 UTC 2002

On Thu, Dec 19, 2002 at 04:15:26 +0100, David Olofson wrote:
> They actually make *more* sence as an audio format, since there, it 
> can have a real effect on performance. That's only really relevant 
> for old or low end hardware, though. (That's why Audiality does it - 
> but only in the real time synth. I'm simply not motivated enough to 
> implement the off-line oscillators in fixed point... *heh*)

Right, but on current (PIV and AthlonXP) float is slightly faster, and
significantly so on the next generation Intel chips.

- Steve

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