[linux-audio-dev] modern guitar preamps modelisation DSP techniques

Fabien Costantini fabien at onepost.net
Fri Aug 1 13:47:01 UTC 2003

Hi, I'm very interested into DSP modelisation techniques
and more precisely about Guitar preamps modelisation techniques.

Anyone have some resources, any SoA / Paper related to this subject ?

As an example, I would like to understand what dsp underlying techniques 
use successful effects like :
	- the Amplitube VST software effect on mac/pc plateforms
	- For hardware effects, the Pod guitar effect from Line6
	- and some others but not so many as good ...

Thanks to Steve Harris from the audio-linux-dev mailing-list, I had a look 
to some interesting spice based modelisation of a fender 12ax7 preamp at 

Does some of you have more knowledge about this ?

Fabien Costantini. 

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