[linux-audio-dev] Help wanted with audio app design

Arthur Peters amp at singingwizard.org
Thu Feb 27 19:35:01 UTC 2003

I have been working on an audio processing/synthesis application that
should have the power of Reason and Buzz plus the ability to be used
effectivly in live proformance. Some of you may have read my earlier
emails on this subject. I call it Voltage.

The main features that I want but are not availiable in other software
 - Linux and Open-Source
 - the ability to route and process sequence data (MIDI like data). This
would allow very powerful chordization and arpegiation.
 - the ability to create sequence loops in a flexible way (like Reason
Matrix except without the limitations). I'd also like to be able to
record/modify them live without stoping the playback.
 - the ability to control things in complex ways using scripting of some
sort (maybe as a machine that is scripted to create certain sequence

What I am looking for is someone to help me (an inexperienced software
designer) design this program. That person don't nesseserily need to
help code the program. I've desided I need help after multiple failed
attempts. I think my current ideas are closer to a working design than
past ones, but I don't want to code it then find out doesn't work (like
I did last time round).

If you are willing to help or have any tips or books I should read, etc.
please email me.

Thanks much.

Arthur Peters <amp at singingwizard.org>

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