[linux-audio-dev] Interface with real modules

Thomas Webb magusofthedark at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 20 10:56:00 UTC 2003

> So actualy we would need a CV to MIDI (or similar)
> converter, that is 
> cheaper than those hightech voltmeter, Thomas
> mentions.
I already thought about a CV to MIDI converter, but
that doesn't quite do everything that directly
interfacing with the voltage does. For one, I won't be
able to patch things like you do w/ a modular. CV to
MIDI also doesn't quite work right when you are
dealing with pitch. One of the reasons I wanted to get
this working is because I wanted to control my
softsynth with this thing
a CV to MIDI won't work (not cleanly, anyway... there
are some crappy workarounds)

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