[linux-audio-dev] Re: linuxaudio.org

Daniel James daniel at linuxaudio.org
Wed Jan 21 10:10:44 UTC 2004

> > It's true that I did initiate the arrangement whereby the Linux
> > audio community gets representation at a major UK audio industry
> > trade show,
> Suddenly you're now speaking as the representative of the whole
> Linux audio community.

No - a consortium can only represent its members.

> The only true 
> representatives of the Linux Audio community are the Linux Audio
> Developers.

By which you mean members of a mailing list, or the actual developers 
doing the work? This may come as a surprise to you, but many libre 
software developers admit that they need help to promote their 
software - either because they don't have the time, experience of 
working with the media or public speaking skills.

> > The organisers have agreed
> > to give us the stand at cost, which they didn't have to do.
> So how is that different from LinuxTag or ZKM?

If you read up on the event you'll see it is specifically about audio 
and music technology, which LinuxTag is not. Running this kind of 
stand at a Linux event would be 'preaching to the converted'. As for 
ZKM, that is a developer event, not really an event for users who 
don't even know what Linux is yet.

> The only thing we should promote right now are
> the Linux Audio applications.

er... that's what we are doing.

> Companies have resources to promote 
> themselves.

I don't think you appreciate the situation with regard to the small 
companies that are funding free software development, while trying to 
make a living for developers at the same time. They are not rich. 
Even combined, their resources are tiny compared to the proprietary 
software companies.

> And it makes no sense to promote Linux Audio Users at 
> such event.

What have you got against users? Is it because I'm a user rather than 
a developer?

> The problem is - Frank, Joern, Matthias were doing a great job
> organising events and helping the Linux Audio Developers to promote
> their open source Linux Audio applications.

Agreed - but only events in Germany as far as I know. There are other 
countries too.

> They never called 
> themselves the directors of LAD.

Perhaps that's because a mailing list is not an organisation. If they 
had set up an organisation and called themselves directors of it, I 
don't think anyone would have complained.

> I see ZKM as a very important event simply because it's growing
> into a larger conference, an event solely aimed at Linux Audio, an
> event that will be aimed at both Linux Audio Developers and Linux
> Audio Users this year. A place where the developers, journalists
> and music industry can meet each other.

As long as they a) know the event exists and b) are sufficiently 
interested to travel to Germany for it.

> I think such an event is much more important than any stand.

Yes - but we're aiming our effort at a very different audience. 

> Don't get me wrong. I apreciate that you're organising an event.

Thanks for the appreciation!

> But it's an event just like the other events. In no way is it more
> important than the others.

I never said it was.

> I urge you again to withhold the establishing of any consortium

Already done.

> Regarding the consortium list.
> The old thread is gone. Was there anything you should hide?

No. It was only a temporary list.

> I 
> believe that another private mailing list with the old thread still
> exists.

You sound paranoid.



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