[linux-audio-dev] Project ideas?

Dave Phillips dlphilp at bright.net
Wed Jun 9 14:22:08 UTC 2004

Dave Robillard wrote:

[re: Pd]

>I'm really surprised I havn't seen GEM used to do more things like that
>(or maybe I just can't find it).  The potential for the system is
Amen. Some years ago I watched Guenter Geiger demonstrate the realtime 
FFT display capabilities of Pd and realized it was damned close to what 
I want in a realtime 3D spectrogram.  Since then I've dabbled with Pd's 
GEM support, and even in my little experiments it became clear that 
indeed the system is amazing.

And quite apart from all that, there's Frank Barknecht's stuff, and Joe 
Sarlo's, and Kjetil's, and.... it just goes on...

Pd rules.



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