[linux-audio-dev] A statement regarding DSSI

Sean Bolton smbolton at jps.net
Wed Sep 15 20:10:58 UTC 2004

On Sep 13, 2004, at 1:18 AM, Mario Lang wrote:
> I just took the time and looked at DSSI, and as far as I can see,
> it would solve most of the problems I am having regarding
> UIs.  The OSC based UI->to->host communication concept
> nicely separates the actual UI from the DSP code and forces the
> developer to separate the GUI code from the actual backend.
> <snip>
> Thanks to those who work on DSSI, it looks very promising to me.

You're most welcome.  I hope you find it useful.

> Any early adopters yet?

At the moment, hosts with DSSI support include:

- Rosegarden-4, version 0.9.9 and later.
- The example host in the DSSI distribution.

DSSI plugins available are:

- A FluidSynth wrapper plugin, also part of the DSSI distribution.
- Xsynth-DSSI, a classic-analog style softsynth.
- A VST wrapper plugin, allowing use of VST instruments and effects.
- Two additional simple demonstration plugins in the DSSI distribution.




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