[linux-audio-dev] Wine asking for feedback on Audio needs [redirected from LAU]

Dave Phillips dlphillips at woh.rr.com
Thu Dec 15 15:44:41 UTC 2005

This message appeared recently on the LAU list. On the chance that there 
may be developers here who have an interest :

guy wrote:

> According to wine weekly news (lhttp://www.winehq.com/?issue=301) the 
> wine project is asking for feedback on its handling of audio.  If I 
> can quote:
> /Alexandre mentioned there were some new changes for better audio 
> driver management in winecfg. That work has been done by Robert Reif 
> and this week he asked if anyone could give him some feedback 
> regarding the lesser used (and more broken) audio drivers:/
> /Is anyone using the arts, esound or jack sound drivers for non 
> trivial use? By non trivial, I mean more than one application or more 
> than a single device. If so, I am interested in getting information on 
> the software you are using and how it is using the drivers. /
> /Would redesigning these drivers to show up as a single device per 
> physical device which allowed being opened more than once be a problem?/
> I am sure there are people on this list  who know what they are 
> talking about ( & I exclude myself from that!) who could really speak 
> up for the requirements for serious audio work & wine.
> cheers
> Guy

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