[linux-audio-dev] cool plugin from Waves

David Olofson david at olofson.net
Fri Jan 28 23:56:22 UTC 2005

On Saturday 29 January 2005 00.00, Jan Depner wrote:
> Now, if you could just do the same with outboard reverbs...   ;-)

Well, using a recorded impulse response with some sort of convolution 
algorithm works for real rooms, so why not virtual ones? However, 
you'd probably get some rather substantial "tweak latency", even with 
various shortcuts taken...

And either way, at the cost of the kind of CPU power required to do 
this in real time, you might as well get a few more h/w reverbs! 
Maybe that'll change eventually, but since the expectations on 
quality tend to track the state of the art, the net result is that 
faster CPUs and DSPs just make everything harder to implement! ;-D

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