[linux-audio-dev] jack.udp and synchronisation

Asbjørn Sæbø asbjs at stud.ntnu.no
Fri Feb 24 15:19:49 UTC 2006

jack.udp may be used to transmit audio between two computers, each 
computer running their own jackd.  

My understanding, based upon earlier threads in the linux audio lists,
is that to avoid xruns due to clock drift in this situation, the sound
cards of the two computers must be synchronised in some way, e.g. using
word clock.

Is this (still) correct?  Or has jack.udp been developed to include 

(On a side note, it seems that Rohan Drape's web pages that are linked
to from the jack pages, http://www.alphalink.com.au/~rd/sw/jack.html,
have disappeared.)

Asbjørn Sæbø

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