[linux-audio-dev] n00b friendly latency tester

carmen ix at replic.net
Sat May 6 04:19:45 UTC 2006

> > The backend is trivial (there are a bunch of similar little tools out
> > there)
> Are you going to make a fully functional command line version?

in my experience usually either 'it works' or 'its completely fucked' and some arbitrary latency number is going to state the obvious. for example after doing a bunch of things like switching to trunk xorg where the radeon drivers finally support the card im using for 2D, switching to linux 2.6.17 and building jack, alsa-lib, and the kernel with gcc 3.x (lots of weird divide by zero segfaults in alsa-lib calls from jack with gcc 4.x, according to GDB and dmesg) and doing an emerge -DNu world after adding the pro-audio overlay (which updated pam among other things) everything finally works. still cant get RT to boot but at least its no longer the necessary 'holy grail' here..

it would be good to build up a database so people know which motherboards to avoid. and to get a sense of these new 'experimental mutex rewrite' branches from ingo get us into the petasecond range - my tips for the UI would be some kind of horizontal pie-chart seperating the latency components into different contets, like DA latency, alsa cals, app internal buffering, jackd buffering, etc..

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