[Alsa-devel] [Alsa-user] [linux-audio-user] Re: More Midisport 2x2 troubles (help from the Alsa developers is greatly appreciated!)

Clemens Ladisch clemens at ladisch.de
Fri Apr 4 01:41:01 EST 2003

Ivica Bukvic wrote:
> Hmm, I've tried running the alsa-lib/test/ramidi test and tried using it
> as:
> rawmidi -i hw:2,0
> ...
> Any other setting (i.e. hw:2,1) reports an error that such a device was
> not found.

The first number is the card number, the second is the device number, and
the third is the subdevice number. Your two ports are "hw:2,0,0" and
"hw:2,0,1", respectively.


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