[linux-audio-user] dell latitude cpx, windows (barf!) xp and linux?

iriXx m at iriXx.org
Sat Apr 5 17:40:01 EST 2003

hi all
just wondering if anyone here is using a dell latitude cpx and if there
are any issues installing linux on it?... or any known sound config issues?

i am lamenting the sad demise of my thinkpad which blew a gasket last
night :-(((. actually its going to be fine, its just the power socket
has worked itself loose or blown a fuse (i.e. it boots fine from the
battery which is by now very flat).

so i had to get a new machine today... gasp! wasnt planning on that
right away but as im writing a book, i've gotta keep working! the plan
is to wait until my friend who knows how to repair the power socket is
back from the USA.

other issue i'm wondering about is installing linux alongside windows
(barf!) xp... ughh... i swore i'd never use XP but its come pre
installed. borg edition, yuck.... but i need it for work.
so i'm thinking maybe with xp being so difficult, running lnx4win might
be an idea, but would this be more demanding on system resources?
i'd like to partition the drive but im not sure how to go about this on
XP... yuk yuk yuk... win2k was easy enough though.... *sigh*....

any ideas muchly appreciated :)

bw & thanx
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