[linux-audio-user] jackd fails to start: cannot create shm segment /jack-shm-registry (No such file or directory)

Jack O'Quin joq at io.com
Fri Apr 18 12:21:01 EDT 2003

"Ivica Bukvic" <ico at fuse.net> writes:

> Well, the odd thing is that I have the exactly same setup on another
> machine with the same kernel rpm installed and that one has shm just
> fine.
> At any rate, according to Mdk there needs to be this kind of line added:
> none /tmp tmpfs defaults 0 0

I think your problem is that, for JACK, the mount point should be
/dev/shm.  You can use tmpfs for the /tmp file system if you want, but
that does not satisfy JACK's requirement for POSIX openshm support.

> (supposedly tmpfs has replaced shmfs in the newer kernels)


> Yet, I am not sure whether this thing has to be mounted explicitly or
> what. On the other machine everything is automatic, but this one is
> giving me all kinds of headaches. Should I maybe recompile the jack, now
> that I've added this thingy to my fstab? What about a reboot?

It does have to be mounted explicitly the first time.  If you set up
/etc/fstab correctly, it will be remounted whenever you reboot.
  Jack O'Quin
  Austin, Texas, USA

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