[linux-audio-user] Re: Fwd: [sos] Linux audio apps in the real world

Hartmut Noack symposion at onlinehome.de
Sun Dec 28 16:50:44 EST 2003

Am Don, 2003-12-11 um 12.44 schrieb Daniel James:
> > Daniel, just out of interest, how much mail do you get as a result
> > of your linux and linux-flavoured articles you've written
> Not a great deal, but my experience from writing for LinuxUser is that 
> out of every 10,000 readers maybe only one will ever write to say how 
> much they enjoyed the article. And yet when you actually meet the 
> readers at Expo events they are much more forthcoming. So low 
> feedback isn't necessarily an indication that people aren't reading 
> or appreciating the articles.

Here in Germany we have a increasing interest in Linux, witch is
reflected in the Fact, that more and more general interest
Computer-Zines have featuring Linux in every given issue.

The leading Zine here (known by the name of "c't", featured the new 2.6
and a very usefull artcle about ALSA in its December-issue an d has
Linux on its Frontcover of 3 out of 24 issues this Year - promising is
it not?

Be shure, that i appreciate *any* competent article regarding Linux and
that i buy each given piece of paper, if i can hope to find something
new about Linux printed on it ;-)

best regards

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