[linux-audio-user] Some questions

Steve Harris S.W.Harris at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Mon Dec 29 06:03:45 EST 2003

On Mon, Dec 29, 2003 at 09:24:38 +0100, David Baron wrote:
> 1. Are alsa drivers multi-client? (Two applications can read/write 
> simultaneously to the in or out--i.e. a patch controller and a sequencer 
> doing notes).

Some are, some aren't - it depends on the hardware, but theres a system
called dmix than can be used to share i/os between apps.
> 2. Can dummy MIDI devices be installed (virmidi?) to be used for pipelining 
> midi-out from one program to midi-in to another or for overcoming 
> single-client problems (Windows examples MidiYoke, MidiMatrix, Hubi's).

You dont need that - the alsa-sequencer system can route midi between
apps. The apps with inputs should appear as possible MIDI outputs in the
app, but if not you can use a patchbay like qjackctl to make alsa-sequencer
> 4. Jack has been recommended. What precisely is this and how does this work?

It allows routing audio between applications, synchronisation and
transport control. Its pretty much essential.
> 5. Can the recommended Ardour/Jack rpm for Madrake be used on Debian?

Probably not, but check out demudi: http://demudi.org/

- Steve

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