[linux-audio-user] delta44 and direct recording

Richard Seymour nutate at speakeasy.net
Thu Feb 27 10:52:00 EST 2003

Alex Timmer wrote:

> <snip>
>hi, as far as i remember there were problems with the lists hosting,
>causing everyone to be un-subscribed from the list. i already thought
>it was getting too quiet on the list then  :))
>anyway, through one of the other mailinglists i was subscribed to,
>the news was spread around so i signed up again.
>if you were not subscribed for all that time, wow, welcome back!
>gr, ALEX
Thanks...  I was of course spending that time trying to graduate from 
the very .edu that hosts this mailing list... still haven't succeeded.  
;)  Taken all of the classes, just need the grades in.

Also, thanks to the list for the good tips on what is necessary insofar 
as preamping.  I have a sort of odd question though.  I am aiming for a 
delta 44 or 66 sometime in the future, so I'll need balanced TRS (1/4 
plugs) for my mics.  But right now, I'm micless (sold them to a friend) 
and want to get some.  Problem is, right now I have an original tascam 
portastudio 424, which AFAIK doesn't take TRS plugs and definitely 
doesn't have xlr inputs.  TRS can go into 'TS' just fine, right? 


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