[linux-audio-user] (semi)professional "field" recording work, what to use?

Hartmut Noack symposion at onlinehome.de
Wed May 14 10:36:02 EDT 2003

Am Mit, 2003-05-14 um 09.30 schrieb Wilbert Berendsen:

> 1. Minidisc recording.
> consumer minidisc recorders are very compact which is good. But they 
> almost never have a digital out.  Some have USB, but will not function as 
> an USB-Audio device under Linux (AFAIK, all use the proprietairy NetMD 
> protocol, which is partially reverse engineered, see: 
> http://www.marcus-brinkmann.de/freemd.en.html).

MD recordings sound quite OK but they can NEVER match cheap and simple
HD-Recording via a decent Soundcard.
If You really just want to record (so, if you do NOT need professional
FX-Support...) a AMD-K7- PC with a 20GB-HD 256RAM and a Terratec
EWX24/96 will do perfectly (and would cost about EUR 400,-)

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