[linux-audio-user] Reliable A/D with linux laptop

Nathaniel Gray n8gray at caltech.edu
Fri Oct 3 15:32:00 EDT 2003

On Wednesday 01 October 2003 12:12 pm, Frank Barknecht wrote:
> Hallo,
> Austin hat gesagt: // Austin wrote:
> > Avoid M-Audio like the plague.  I want to kill my quattro.
> Really? I'm quite satisfied with my Quattro, whereas the Edirol UA-20
> gave me lots of headaches. Admitted, I was one of the first users of
> it, when the ALSA support for it wasn't ready yet.
> I am running an older ALSA currently on my laptop, though. Maybe
> things broke in the meantime?
> ciao

Hmm... ok, I guess it'll be hard to find consensus.  It sounds like 
you're not the only one having trouble with the UA-20 so I'll keep that 
in mind.


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