[linux-audio-user] Reliable A/D with linux laptop

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Sat Oct 4 10:47:00 EDT 2003

Nathaniel Gray hat gesagt: // Nathaniel Gray wrote:

> Hmm... ok, I guess it'll be hard to find consensus.  It sounds like
> you're not the only one having trouble with the UA-20 so I'll keep
> that in mind.

Not to be misunderstood: I don't own the UA-20 anymore. I did buy it
when I needed to have it running in about a week. I had hoped, that it
would be just plug and play but for the UA-20 a special quirk is
needed, because it isn't fully compliant to the USB audio spec which
Roland co-wrote. The quirk couldn't be written in less than the week
after which I needed to use this or another USB interface for the LAD
conference, which is absoluetly okay, but didn't help me then ;)

I think, that now the UA-20 works just fine. The Quattro doesn't need
any special quirks so I replaced the UA-20 with a Quattro at my dealer
for the LAD conference. And now I can enjoy 4 channels, great for DJ

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